Our Business

Mustang's team enables efficient yet economical surveillance services, including; vehicle tracking, access control systems, security surveillance, alarm systems products and solutions. Mustang strives to provide society with safe, economical, comfortable and environment friendly means of security surveillance, be it of your residence, office building, commercial estate, industrial estate, cargo or your vehicles and other equipment.

Our team endeavors to achieve excellence by setting benchmarks in introducing new state of the art products to stay current with the latest innovations in surveillance technology. Mustang’s tracking, monitoring and security surveillance products and systems comprise the best equipment conforming to the highest standards. Strict quality control and extensive testing goes into each product before commissioning anywhere on client premises or property.

About Our Logo
The Eye of Ra is an ancient Egyptian symbol and is primarily associated with protection, safety and an all- seeing ability. The abstract logo, depicting the Eye of Ra, reflects the same characteristics which tie up with the company and its portfolio of services. Our company's logo represents security, protection and surveillance intelligence.