Welcome to Mustang HRMS

Established in 2007, Mustang HRMS provides human resource management services to clients all over Pakistan. Over the last few years, Mustang HRMS has established a reputation as being one of the leading providers of skilled and unskilled manpower in the industry. Our goal is to create and deliver success to our clients to succeed in today’s highly competitive market place.

Why Mustang HRMS
Personalized Solutions - Tailored to a clients' requirements
Staff Quality - Skilled and experienced consultants
Value Addition - Exceeds clients' expectations of return on investment
Scope of Service - One-stop solution for all HR needs
Multiple Solutions - Enabling clients to make informed decisions

Our Mission
Providing personalized, high quality services to cater to a client’s HR requirements.


Comprehensive recruitment processes. Continuous investment in human capital.


Cost effective systems based on continuous research and development.


Value creation and customer relationship development across the board.