Access Controls

Access Control Benefits
• Track and deter access throughout your organization
• Provide auditing and time and attendance features
• Restrict access to sensitive areas
• Provide a safer working environment
• Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves
• Remotely administer and control access to even thousands of facilities through one interface

Access Control Features
Human Barrier/Speed Lanes are designed to work in closed mode so that the visitor can pass through only if valid authentication is provided through proximity/bio magnetic card systems integrated with the barrier/speed lane.

This system offers a number of value-added features including:
• Visitor Management
• Reliability
• Individual Floor Security Network Management Card Monitoring
• Remote Control
• Data Management
• Card Reader Integration

Access Control Services
Mustang offers Integrated Access Control based on commonly used Biometric (Finger Print) recognizing systems and Proximity (Card Reader) systems. These systems can be integrated with CCTV system to create most efficient security solutions. Mustang Eye systems support TCP/IP based transmissions and can therefore be connected with any workstation to view the real time monitoring and acquire accurate reports.

Mustang is setting new standards in entrance control by offering integrated human barriers/ speed lanes. Complete system installation from designing to commissioning is managed by a team of experts. Mustang Eye also offers system customization according to individual client requirement.

Burglar Alarm
It's important to feel safe in your home and equally important to know your property is protected while you're away. Mustang home security systems provide an exceptional level of protection from intruders. Mustang alarm and burglar home security systems are state-of-the-art and expertly installed, protecting your premises and home, giving you complete peace of mind.

You'll find Mustang wireless home security equipment easy to use. Mustang team will set up your security system for you and show you how it works.

Product Services
Mustang Eye offers integrated access controls based on commonly used biometric (finger print) and proximity (card reader) systems.
These systems can be integrated with CCTV systems to create hyper efficient security solutions.
Mustang Eye systems can be connected with remote work-stations to view real-time monitoring.

Product Features
Human barrier lanes are designed to work only if valid authentication is provided through magnetic card system. Value-added features include:
• Visitor Management.
• Individual Floor Security.
• Card Monitoring.
• Data Management.

Product Benefits
• Track access throughout your organization.
• Provide auditing, time and attendance features.
• Restrict access to sensitive areas.
• Provide a safer working environment.
• Remotely administer and control access to multiple facilities through one interface.