Mobile Response

Each mobile patrol unit is operated by a fully trained, experienced, and competent security officer, accompanied by a team of highly trained security guards. Mobile patrol and response team vehicles are equipped with the appropriate radio and safety equipment to ensure continuous communications and effective response to most emergencies. On the request of a client, our mobile patrol units can carry keys to specific buildings or complexes and respond to open/close facilities at designated times.

We offer a continuous presence of patrols units in the clients’ vicinity and a notification procedure for all unusual occurrences, as well as visits of clients’ installations at night, on weekends, and during statutory holidays. The checks may be time specific or random, with a specified number of checks within a set time frame, whether it be an exterior or interior perimeter check.

Mustang also offers Mobile Response Teams for escorting high profile individuals and high value cargo for several of its clients throughout the country. All security personnel used for this purpose are recruited and vetted to ensure they have the correct blend of operational and regional experience and are then given comprehensive pre-deployment training.

Each team has the following equipment as standard issue:

• Vehicles as per the client’s requirements
• Full Personal Protective Equipment, including helmets for all team members
• Radio communication a wireless base station can be provided at the client’s locations at his request
• Firearms relevant to the task
• Comprehensive breakdown recovery equipment for all vehicles